How long are your sets ?

We play for up to 2.5 hours, usually split into 2 sets of an hour and then an hour and a half, but the time can also be split into 3 sets of 45 mins each. We usually have about a half hour break between the 2 sets.

Can we choose what songs we would like ?

We always ask clients to go through our repertoire and give us lots of information about what songs they would like. We will accommodate as much as possible, though we make the decisions about order based on our years of experience about what works best, and we also feel it’s important to have the freedom to go with the mood of the crowd on the night.

Can we choose a first dance or song that isn’t on your playlist ?

Yes, we are happy to learn a new song specially for you, as long as it is do-able!

How much space do you require ?

We need about 5 by 4 metres. It’s important to have depth as well as width.

Do you bring all your own equipment ?

Yes we bring all our own sound and lighting equipment. We need 2 separate 13 amp sockets, and use about 6 kw of power.

When will you come to set up ?

Our quote includes us arriving up to an hour and a half before we are needed to play, to set up. We can come earlier than this in particular circumstances, but this is charged at an additional hour rate.

Can you supply a DJ in between sets ?

We don’t supply a DJ, but we have suitable selections for those times, and also are happy to use yours!

Can we use your sound system for speeches ?

We are happy for you to use our mics and P.A, though we don’t use radio mics,( ie wireless mics) so you need to stand reasonably close to to where we are set up. You also need to have previously arranged with us to be set up before the time the mic is needed.

What do you cost ?

Cost varies a bit according to factors like how far we have to travel, and also what band format you require. E.g. the 6 piece, or the 7 or 8 piece if including the sax and/or trumpet. Email with details about your event and we will quote.

Are there any hidden costs ?

No there is no VAT, and our quote will include travel. We do require feeding though!

What is the payment schedule ?

We require a 10% deposit on booking. The next 40% is due 30 days before your event, and the final 50% is due either on the day if it’s cash, and the week before if it’s direct bank transfer or cheque.

Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates ?

Yes, we always carry up to date PAT certification, and have public liability insurance up to 5M.